Atragon – Empire Beneath the Sea

January 22, 11

The JUGGERNAUT has broken through the bubbled City at the floor of the sea.  We are left to admire the beauty of the spark plug and toothbrush towers in the City background, amidst the resulting waterfall. 

The  descending steps lead soliders into perfect combat position for the electro-freeze lightup of the hapless citizens trying to hammer out a living in the bubble. 

A lonely man, somehow inspired by Mayan dress, a sole defender,  fires at the attackers.

The buzzsaw attachment cuts the ship through ice, bubble domes, and those who live in any kind of underwater utopia.

top sci fi movies : Iron Giant

October 14, 10

Next on the top sci fi movies that really deserve multiple looks –  it’s Iron Giant.  I’m sure many of you have seen this one. 

The immortal bond between a boy and his super sized robot pal.  Fantastic retro-stylization and comic poses between Hogarth and his metal friend with a great story led by Brad Bird of Amazing StoriesThe Simpons, and later Pixar.

Who doesn’t love a robot doing cannon balls into the lake?

I don’t think this one ever really found the audience that it deserved.

top sci fi movies : Mars Attacks

October 06, 10

I know, I know. Everyone seems to whine endlessly about this movie.

I’m not going to join in.  Yes, it’s got a camp factor like it should, and maybe the pacing wasn’t perfect. 

So what? Will it buy you a cup of coffee at the gas station?

If you liked the tone of the original card set like me, there are some pretty funny moments.  The Martians look great, and are really faithful to the originals. 

Personally, I would have loved to see the whole thing animated (stop motion or 2D) — but then, that’s true for just about anything.

top sci fi movies : Battle in Outer Space

September 30, 10

One of my top sci fi movies is Battle in Outer Space.  I’ve seen many try and make a list of sci fi movies, but most seem to totally ignore the lesser knowns, or those that were made several years ago, or those that are simply hard to categorize. 

We all know about Aliens but what about all those films that helped set the stage for these movies, and inspired those who made them?

Battle in Outer Space is a showcase of  model making, vehicle design, and the pre-CGI optical photo plate effects are truly amazing for 1959.  

The sound effects on the cave aliens might have started life as dog squeaker toys, but that doesn’t mean the film won’t capture you with its charm.