Remco Frogman

March 22, 11

This guy showed up on the doorstep the other day. It was no accident.

Frogman (1960) by Remco.  He’s just over two feet tall.  He’s got dual airtanks attached to his back with a wire that helps him to find the surface. 

Don’t we all wish for a wire to find the surface sometimes?

Sad.  I can remember having a much smaller version of this guy.  He went right along with the constant Cousteau viewings and shark posters. 

By the time I was 14, not yet able to drive, I wanted to learn to scuba dive so badly that I just couldn’t wait any longer. 

This toy was kind of a gateway object.  The gauges, the decompression calculations, the knife strapped to your shin to cut your way out of monstrous kelp forrest snags.  I’ve never really understood why folks think toys are mostly silly things.