Earth Defense Force : Insect Armageddon

May 22, 11

July 5th, 2011!  Summer Bug Squash! See you there …

Science Fictions: Alien Apocalypse

March 21, 11

A group of termite inspired aliens, killing the humans but not the trees, come down ready to harvest all of Earth’s wood. 

This is not an Orkin commercial or a puppet show on public access.  The slavemasters are ZZ top extras in potato sack clothes. 

These wood worshippers enjoy snacking on a few human cueballs (see image).    One of them is gutted with a Home Depot drillbit.  There is a veiled Planet of the Apes vibe throughout. 

Alien Apocalypse.  Don’t miss it.

Warlords of Atlantis : The Searchers

January 06, 11

As you can probably tell by now, I love space and sea posters from the 60’s and 70’s (thanks Master Kreng! – he’s a genius at spending my money by remote control). I hope you’ll enjoy remembering them too.

He sends me every tempting craigslist find he possibly can.  It’s out of control. 

The sea/space posters always seem to conjure up the idea of The Searcher.

As a kid, the model “searcher” for me was Jacques Cousteau. He was my idol.

He created scuba.
He made underwater photography possible.
He filmed what most had never seen before in their own terrestrial experience.
He opened millions of eyes to our dependence on the health of the ocean.

I even got a red knit hoodie cap to wear (like he did after every dive).  I had homework, bad tonsils, leaves to rake, baseball practice, and a dog to try and walk. 

In sixth grade, I wanted to be a marine biologist and follow Cousteau off the edge of the Earth. Then everyone told me (early) that I’d never find work as a marine biologist. I didn’t really understand this, because Cousteau seemed to have a great thing going. Surely, the Calypso (his ship) needed another deckhand (me). Thereafter, I gave up on the dream of marine biology. 

In college, I majored in Philosophy and was again told that I’d never find work. By that time, I wasn’t even looking for work. Work, I figured, would be there regardless of any effort on my part to locate it.   

And now? 

Now, I just try and keep my eyes on the searchers where I find them.

Zaat (1975)

December 21, 10

They didn’t rely on air-brushed marquee actors, because they didn’t have any.

It was pure illustration.

“A creature like you’ve never seen before…”  Well?

And we can quickly learn that:

Monster walking catfish hybrids sometimes attack the feet.
Trouble may be measured using chemistry beakers.
A defensive stance with a rifle might repel the wayward catfish.
ATV designs were always dynamic.
Syringes figure all too frequently in 1970’s posters.
Attacking scuba divers is timeless and iconic.

Just for reference, here’s the trailer below.

I love the synth/step sequencer and sound design in the background near the end, and Zaat’s attempt to poison the world using only a spray bottle underwater.

Does anyone know why they positively wouldn’t admit anyone during the last 15 minutes, and why this strange fact was mentioned in the trailer?

Science Fictions : Magnetic Monsters

November 11, 10

We all work to become Magnetic Monsters. We want to attract ideas, people, projects and kindred spirits.


We can do much as individuals, and it’s entirely on us to develop and pursue all that we think worthwhile while we have the power to do it.

The worthwhile part is always a personal definition.

Sometimes we let the magnetism draw in everything attractable around us with little filtering. This disables the tractor beam of our Magnetic Monster. It distracts us from seeing more clearly what we’re really about and what we’re really going after. 

We are very proficient at self-deception. Plato says so if you want to believe him. 

So maybe the optimal magnetic monster has a good set of filters. They attempt to filter out greed, hastiness, short term thinking, doing too much or too little, and attempting everything all at once. 

I’d rather try to be a Magnetic Monster than a vacuum cleaner.

Blips and Bleeps

November 09, 10

Today, I’m thankful to have started messing around with electronic kits in the silence of my parent’s garage. 

Most of the stuff I tried melted and/or smoked.

Lots of stuff in life melts or smokes. 

In trying to build blips and bleeps or make lights flash on a Radio Shack kit, I learned something more than how to build a blip or make a bleep.

I’m glad that my Dad was too lazy to hand address Christmas cards, so he bought a kit computer to run a teletype machine to do it for him.   Through my Dad’s self described laziness, I eventually found games, music, and philosophy.

And, really, if you have games, music, and philosophy what more do you need? Games are play with rules.  Music is play with tone.  Philosophy is play with concepts.

Diogenes sitting in his tub. J.L. Gerome (1860)

If Diogenes could live in a wine barrel observing the carnival around Sinope, I could do my own modest version in the burbs.  

Philosophy had the right personalities tackling the right problems. 

They seemed to know something about what was at stake.  They knew how to play it.

I didn’t. 

Only those who take leisurely what the people of the world are busy about can be busy about what the people of the world take leisurely.  — Chang Ch’ao

Science Fictions : Mission Mars

November 08, 10

The strong caulking gun influence.  The hypodermic barrel.  Soldiers of the ice, chained together alone on the distant surface.

Who can relate?

Mankind held prisoner by the force of his desire to explore.   Martian rays arrest one of them already, his belt clip carabiner of no use now. He has been had.  

Our hero boldly faces the unknown – visor down. Why? 

There is the promise of the bikini.

The insert shot sits to remind us like a polaroid tacked to  memory’s own corkboard.   Remember the sand speckled bikinis. The simple joy of the beach dance. 

The background tendrils spiral like a giant colorform plant.  

It’s nothing short of fantastic.  It’s A Fantastic Adventure into the Unknown!

We must find a way to conquer and endure.  The bikini frolic is our destiny.

Science Fictions : Schell Studios

October 29, 10

I’ve been a fan of Jordu Schell for well over a decade.  For that same amount of time, I’ve been trying to take a class from him. 

Now, I’m not fit to hold the clay he throws away.  My “skills” reside fully at the Play-Doh/Gumby level, but this is exactly why you try and push yourself leagues out of your comfort zone. 

You learn plenty by trying to place yourself around spectacular people.  Of course, I fail to live up, and that’s just fine.  I’ve found that as you get older, you get more willing to risk this routinely.  As the innings get deep, you reach a little extra for a base hit. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work with ridiculously talented artists for many years.  It’s staggering.   I’m always trying to learn from their approach.  For me, it’s relaxing and fun just to be around them.  I admire the discipline and the constant striving to find new ways to improve. 

Prepare to be dazzled …   

A*P*E (1976)

October 28, 10

The A*P*E grips a shark AND a rattlesnake while scenes of shipbound, city, and helicopter related disasters lurk right alongside. 

Nothing really indicates peril as quickly as a rope ladder towed by a helicopter. 

The city pulses with fear.  The oceans weep.

It’s King Kong meets The Towering Inferno on the way to The Poseidon Adventure.

A*P*E features an ape hair treatment on the logo painted by hand long before the click of a photoshop filter.

What I really love is the included feature summary spelled right out for those fearless enough to See A*P*E: 1) defy the JAWS of Giant Shark, 2) destroy a teeming city, 3) demolish an Ocean Liner, 4) vanquish Monster Reptile (non-specific)

JAWS!  Like that other REALLY big movie of a similar (wait) same name that we would like to compare ourselves favorably to and conveniently remind you about after you saw it last year! (1975).  You will see A*P*E  “vanquish” a Monster Reptile, which apparently will be drawn into the poster as a rattlesnake.

We are reminded that A*P*E is not to be confused with King Kong

I don’t think we’ll make that mistake.

Amidst the mayhem, a beautiful woman lingers against A*P*E*‘s left ear.