The Imp Awards

April 24, 11

The Imp Awards  site ranks and reviews modern movie posters according to a bunch of categories like “creepiest” or “best blockbuster” or “funniest.”

Occasionally you’ll see some really good stuff, but it would be interesting to see the posters from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s go up against the moderns covered on the site. 

Many of the posters we see now feature the actor commodity heavily re-touched with digital editing and composited into a scene often featuring a 3D background with effects.

Yet, many of these posters don’t seem to really catch the eye or mind as much as one might hope. 

The expansive illustration, iconography, fun copy writing, and capacity to entertain the viewer of the earlier posters offered a charm and form of engagement that’s hard to beat even with the digital advantage. This isn’t an “only older stuff is better” argument either. 

In every age, the poster must sell the movie. It’s interesting, though, to look closely at “how” they’ve gone about it in each decade.