June 04, 10

Baseball in Long Beach

Arcadia Publishing will be offering Baseball in Long Beach as part of their excellent Images of Baseball series.  This title includes never before published images of Willie Mays, Babe Ruth, and Joe Louis among many others in action around Long Beach.  Included in print here for the first time are digitally restored panographic images of 1920’s era Shell Oil players.

The construction of this book over a four month period in late 2007 was a source of pure joy.  How often do you get to hear first hand accounts on how to face Satchel Paige at the plate? Many happy hours were spent sourcing photographs and doing interviews with a wide array of players, coaches, scouts, and umpires. 

The book has received great early reviews, and sports/history fans have been very enthusiastic with support.  Thanks to all of you!

*Foreward written by Chuck Stevens of the St. Louis Browns (Baltimore Orioles), Hollywood Stars,
   and Long Beach Rockets.
*Gilmore Field construction photographs from 1939 (home of the Hollywood Stars)
*Includes a player card gallery of every known LB player to have played at the Major League level.

Ultimate Game Design: Building Game Worlds

Ultimate Game Design: Building Game Worlds was released in 2003 as one of the first “practical” attempts at a hands-on book on game design for those entering the industry.  It was translated into several languages and used as a textbook at several emerging gaming studies programs.

It features interviews with many leading game builders from Sony, Blizzard, Disney, LucasArts, Activision, 3DO and more!

Chapter coverage includes:

1. Previsualization
2. Level Planning and Building
3. Lighting, Texturing, Particles, Effects, and Audio
4. Actors, Props, Items, and Camera Details
5. Design by Genre
6. Scripting Action Events
7. Quality Assurance and Play-Test Feedback
8. Design Considerations for Massively Multiplayer Online Games
9. Cell Phones and Wireless Gaming
10. Getting Started in Game Development
11. Game Development Career Choices
12. Reference, Tools, Career Guideline, Summary, and Ultimate Basebeball Online Gallery