Big Ear Signal

June 30, 10

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What is Big Ear Signal?

Big Ear Signal began life by creating ambient backgrounds for an X-box Live title.   This evolved into using classic synthesizers to create a series of science fiction sound bytes for a toy line that was ultimately cancelled.   So, rather than discontinue or abandon what was very fun work, new 70’s inspired science fiction meditations were assembled into this first offering Big Ear Signal: Termites of 1938.  All of the material is recorded and manipulated in realtime using only the machines.

Early Reviews:

“This is like a soundtrack to all the movies that I love.  Lots of ZLOOPS and SPLOIDZATS.  If I were ever trying to escape  a robot/giant insect/alien/zombie/monster apocalypse in my car I’d want this playing on my stereo.”
–KW Monster

“Spin Big Ear Signal’s sci-fi CD release Termites of 1938, and in seconds you’ll swear retro robots are running rampant in your living room.  Woozy, doozy tracks from Strange Harvest to Beethalvus Idiom provide a pretty cool playdate soundtrack.   It may soothe your savage beasts and bring back a little nostalgia of the 1970’s.  If you can remember those years!”
–H. Alger,

“A groovy synthesizer rainbow from the days when Godzilla ruled the UHF.  Turn down the lights and take the journey…”
–Matt McGonigle. Rochester, New York