Bernard Wiseman’s New Yorker Cartoon Countdown

April 10, 12

Bernard Wiseman Cartoon Countdown Amid the troves of paperbacks dug through this weekend — I found this one from 1959.  New Yorker cartoonist Bernard Wiseman’s Cartoon Countdown.

Pages of single panel spacesuit and weapon gags with great style and commentary on the race for space and the jitters leading up to the Cuban Missile crisis — and the human side of what it might all mean.

Many without any words at all, several with only a few words.

I think it’s a great challenge and a good exercise, to try and get it all together in a single frame and say something funny without words.  These aren’t obtuse either — the kind spoofed on Seinfeld.

You can still find copies around out there too.

I’d love to share some samples here, but the book is too brittle to scan.

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