Konga – The Scourge of Mars

February 29, 12

The Scourge of MarsKonga fails in his attempt to hold up a waterfall set to drown a city below when his cracker-barrel knees give out at a critical juncture.

Oh sure, the humans make allies when convenient, like when they need a waterfall conveniently re-directed, or an elevated platform in the form of a giant palm from which to make an impressive speech.

With slight remorse for past trangressions against Konga, humans align against the Scourge of Mars, but only when they slowly realize that the Marsians (that’s how they spelled it in 1964!) are deftly re-sizing Konga and whipping him around the City with their shrink way.

Stand on this mighty shoulder, mankind, I will absorb the chest shots meant for you, while swatting at the enemy and mulling over my internal disgust.

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