Edmund Martine’s Cetacean

January 29, 12

Cetacean Submersible 9/15/1955.  Inventor Edmund Martine checks one of the 12-inch thick optically ground portholes of his 50 ton submarine Cetacean.

The sub designed to cruise along the ocean floor at depths of more than five miles, is equipped with bright lights and cameras.  Martine hopes to travel into hidden valleys and caves deeper than man has ever been and he hopes to record these scenes on film.

Martine carefully considers the surface of the optically ground glass.  Will these portholes hold at a depth of five miles?  What’s the survival rate at the closest pressure level ever reached? Can you safely pilot a 50 ton submersible five miles beneath the surface?  How will you try and map the ocean floor in 1955?

To find out more about how this story evolved, check out Ben Hellwarth’s new book Sealab: America’s Forgotten Quest to Live and Work on the Ocean Floor.

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