Space Scooter Image, 1963

September 23, 11

A 1963 artist rendering from a press image for a Space  Scooter created by North American Aviation.

“Crater Hopping — Propelled by liquid storable propellants, this rocket powered Space Scooter would traverse rough lunar terrain and hop craters in this concept by North American’s Space Division, Downey, CA.

The Space Scooter is a proposed advanced model of the jet-propelled, one-man space platform tested successfully in a company funded research project.

The Space Scooter also might be used to scale steep cliffs, descend into fissures or crevasses, or act as a shuttle bus between orbinting space vehicles.

Diamond shaped figures represent thrusts vector pattern developed by faster-than-sound propulsion.  Spheres on craft contain storable liquid propellants.”

Innovation. Optimism.  The suit that inspired Major Matt Mason.

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