Sgt. Ken Hiro – MARS Patrol Frogman Badass

September 01, 11

Mars Patrol FrogmanSgt. Ken Hiro is a MARS Patrol frogman badass.  He’s the one in green leaping over a trench with the Thompson sub-machine gun in the two o’clock position.

Mask mounted on his head, regulator at the ready —  the rocket in the background is primed and ready to launch in a time when space exploration actually mattered to most.

Bald aliens or “baldies” have built a series of undersea colonies and Sgt. Ken Hiro isn’t about to take any lip from a bald genetic non-terrestrial oddity.  He needs to get through the bald purple foot soldiers and wire up some holiday salutes to turn a few colonies into fish sticks.

Who can resist the fashion choices of baldy leaders with names like Technicon Kargin that dress like period Venetian Renaissance actors?

When bald and theatrical were simple shorthands for evil.

MARS patrol baldies

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