More MARS Patrol Frogmen at work

September 03, 11

MARS Patrol Comic Here’s the whole MARS Patrol team suited up for an underwater strike attack on the position held by the bald purple costumed aliens.

Check out the football shaped re-breathers popular in the 1960’s! I always especially admired the accuracy of the technical illustration for the MARS Patrol covers and the precise rendering of their suits and equipment.

I love the way the tanks and supply trucks are roving on the sand berms trying to get into position to defend.  Explosive bolts are fired by the MARS Patrol’s nuclear powered spearguns with a scattering of enemies consumed in the blast front and center.

The ever popular ascending pancake stack architecture, popular with aliens,  forms the only thing outside of the blast radius that we are allowed to see.

The frogmen of MARS Patrol are in command.

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