The Golden Age of the Frogmen

August 30, 11

FrogmanThe 1960’s were probably the golden age for Frogmen.  Movies, TV and comics were saturated with tales of sunken treasure, enemy submarines, and clandestine strike teams featuring at least a Frogman or two.

The Frogman was sometimes portrayed as the “cool head” on the team, capable of viewing a situation with calm intelligence and restrained warrior passion.

No one could afford to act from emotion alone in the deeps.

The Frogman as underwater punisher capable of great acts of stealth, intuitive timing, bomb wiring and underwater knife/spearfun fighting was a frequent romantic image on reruns by the 1970’s.  By the 1980’s the romance had definitely started to fade.

Growing up next to the ocean, I was always excited by the idea of undersea combat and exploration. Frogmen always seemed to have the coolest devices, and I liked the Hollywood sound of underwater radio chatter.

I’ve been going through some of my old comics lately and thinking about how some of these images were funny, dynamic, and a great and playful mix of genres that you simply don’t see much of anymore.  It wasn’t perceived as confusing or “off topic” to take real chances with stories and mix robots with aliens with intelligent fish with frogmen in  research vehicles — and put them all underwater to boil in the imagination.

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