Magnus and the Water Robots

August 31, 11

Robot Fighter Pacifica is a steel domed city built on the Ocean.  A city run by robots with an agenda that doesn’t leave much room for humans.  Magnus usually crushes robots, but here he’s caught in the pronged clutches of a robot built with fan blade feet for propulsion.

Serpents and sharks figure here too. Danger is everywhere.  If you manage to beat the machines, can you beat the upper end of  natural predators?

Can anyone really beat the next predator?

The predator that consumes your ability to wonder.  The predator that eats away the only inner voice that will ever be gifted to you.

The painterly covers of the Gold Keys were true descendents of the best early pulp styles.

How did these covers start to change your worldview as a kid?  Maybe you started to meditate on the fantastic — but this is soon lost.

Break the grip of the robot, serpent and shark wherever you find them.

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