Tred Cap Man and the Blatz Beer Man

June 23, 11

I recently added Tred Cap Man to the collection.

He’s a strange and mysterious character with dominant eyebrows and a peaceful expression, but I really can’t find any useful information about him.

Let me know if you happen to recognize him!

He originates in Japan (no year) and stands about four inches tall, but beyond that I don’t know if he sold tires, hats, hair tonic, or something else.

Maybe someone mis-spelled “trade cap” and wanted a cheerful rotund figure to spearhead an economic policy?


Next, I found this absolutely fantastic Blatz beer man from 1959.  A broken flag is an easy fix. The flag reads “NOW at local prices!”

I couldn’t resist the bowtie, hairstyle wave, flush cheeks, or telegraphed wink of self assurance that it would be a great idea for us to sit down and have another frosty Blatz (long ago sold to Pabst).

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