The Saltwater Crocodile Date Package

April 12, 11

Steve Austin is bored on a layover in the Middle East after completing a tactical mission.  Noticing the perfect weather, he borrows some scuba gear which includes a frosty spear gun and a boss blue vacuum re-breather.

Any illustration with a re-breather gets my attention, especially when Steve cradles the croc like they are watching a Harry Potter movie together.

Princess Jasimina, obviously concerned in the background, was backstroking on a relaxing afternoon when brushed by a circling saltwater crocodile.

Out flashes the bowie knife to turn our croc friend into a Saudi fanny pack.  The fight is devastating, and Princess Jasimina is eventually impressed.  There is much crocodile-defeat-prompted lust shared on the white sand beaches.

Crocodile combat is an ordinary pre-date ritual for Steve Austin.  The rest of us circle a house in our cars for half an hour.

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