The Phantom Vs. The Pirate Gang

April 11, 11

Suffer the flash of The Phantom’s ring!  Real men have a seal of affiliation.  They stand for something, even if what they stand for continues to fail them.  They stamp their summary message into fleshy pirate cheekbones. 

A Colt pistol is a helpless device.  It might as well be a toaster.

This pirate is only shooting low flying chickens now.

Our pirate is shocked to be clocked, and the James Brolin beard framing perfect teeth are no shield for a rampaging fist.  Pirate gangs threaten, but a blue bodysuit stuffed with determination and topped with goggles  is a mighty foe. 

The sunburst firework background reminds us that even while blind, The Phantom deals with pirates.  Fire your blunderbuss like it’s the 4th of July.  A fist with a ring is heading your way.

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