The Coin in Your Pocket

April 20, 11

We can fake our interests, which is self-inflicted identity theft, but this only helps to draw a line of paint in the sand towards a likely hollow outcome.

It seems that from the beginning, play unveils our interests and mints them like a coin to carry with us. We often lose that coin, or have it shaken right out of our pockets.

Guard that pocket, or a large rambling hand will take that coin even while you’re just trying to have some lunch down at the duck pond. Be on guard, almost every force in the world is working against you just to take that coin away.

 The one that play minted freely for you.

We can pursue something blindly hoping that a sack of gold will fall at our feet after enough steps up the Andes in badly frayed shoes. Sometimes one will.

We might instead choose to chase the gold sacks on the merry-go-round of fortune, pinned to a big spinning wheel with rainbow lights, in what we call the socio-economic lottery. This seems to be mostly a move to madness. Every day the house tilts towards even better odds.

We can try to ignore it all, avoiding our interests and the gold together – and try and live with whatever peril or bliss may follow.

The apology never comes.

Don’t apologize for enjoying architecture more than short conversations with attention challenged venture capitalists. Take your payment in the form of seeing an old window in a new city.

Of being here or there for a minute or so, more joyfully aware of the budget.

I can’t say I’m sorry to anyone for liking bad science fiction movies, or for not wanting to get an accounting degree at night. Likewise, I won’t be making any amends for enjoying minimalist electronic music, or reading Plotinus half the night when I should be e-marketing an effective personal brand statement.

To the Universe itself, I can’t even apologize for being a crunchy white amalgamation of the perfect storm of dubious interests. Would it have been so bad to have a strong longing for micro-economics? I guess not.

The longing will be reserved for seeing an undiscovered cartoon, finding a rare toy, or building an electric dragster. The longing will be for a visit to any historical place, if only for a couple of minutes, just to let it wash over a little.

It will be for an entire afternoon spent over a coffee with a ballplayer from the 60’s listening. It will be the marker of a very successful month to swim with the largest green turtle you can find.

“No day shall erase you from the memory of time…” – Virgil

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