An Ape’s Thread in Time

April 25, 11

Long before the pop culture thread that runs straight to the Planet of the Apes, there was the War of the Giant Apes in Fantastic Adventures. 

Apes have always figured prominently as an expression of the uncontrollable, the unpredictable;  a large scale foe of great physical strength, limited mental power, and plenty of fur.

They obviously appear frequently in jungle and adventure comics and pulps, but they make suprising and frequent crossovers into the sci fi realm — often involving brain dissection, mind transfers, complete lobotomy, hypnosis, or mind control. 

This time around we have a flat bed truck hauling sophisticated mind manipulation machinery in the hope of ending the ape war.  The hapless scientist trying to control our giant ape has left his chair behind in an attempt to leap off the truck to safety.

Mess with a monkey’s alpha waves at  your own peril. 

Stunned to have his mind machine go wrong, we aren’t quite sure how the ape has come to wear the conductive helmet necessary to get him under control and stop tossing boulders the size of a Smart car.

We learn again that the hazards of mind control are endless.

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