March 06, 11

I wish we would stop to consider lift more often. Lift is the property that gives something the ability to be held up in air; to be suspended with supportive energy.

An idea or design root needs to find lift.

We don’t get to experience lift enough, and it’s important. How many of us never really get to experience it at all?

What are the consequences of a lift-free life?

I think we know the answer.

The experience of lift directly is probably part of the reason why it’s so easy to get addicted to flying or sailing or motocross riding. There’s a strong and definite moment of exhilaration when an airplane or boat achieves lift. It can be enough to carry you for awhile. It knocks something awake inside.  Try and find this aspect in your offering, whatever that might be.

Some have even gone as far as defining one of the main goals in life to be “keeping your spirit or mind aloft” – again, in sneaks lift. It’s probably why the experience of lift is so satisfying to many.

Another way that play tries to answer.

It does a great job of helping us forget the smaller needs.

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