Dr. Solar’s Robot Scorpions

March 24, 11

The continued bliss of the Gold Key covers.  Fantastic.  This was really “stare for hours” stuff growing up.  A personal treasure token.

I remember many of these being readily available and pretty cheap.  I could buy stacks with lawn money alone.  People were getting rid of these fast.  They had already fallen out of fashion. 

Imagine just how much faster they fall now. 

The eyewear.  The sickly green reflection.  The neck definition.  All taken for granted.  The robot scorpion battle blazing up front and center.  As a kid, you  could only hope to experience something way less than this. 

You wanted all of it, but even then your suspicion may have pointed towards having little of it.  You saved a projection of what you thought it would feel like to live this cover in a bank of experience by extension, and tried to remember to bring your lunch money.  You didn’t forget the robot scorpions.

That much of this work was often considered trivial, cheap, irrelevant – it’s hard to believe.  Everyone wanted to look backwards or forwards, but few seemed to want to look much within their own time. To know that you might just be farming those projections, and that maybe all you really need is front and center anyways.   

Then again, part of the definition of the personal or public future is that it will somehow triumph over the present.  We look for it to be better, an escalator dragging us along an ascending linear plot towards triumphant experiences. 

Better to listen to Schopenhauer and not expect a world of ready roasted turkeys waiting for us. 

Maybe just enjoy the robot scorpions right now.

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