Destination Inner Space

March 07, 11

I’d like to try and see every deepwater movie possible.  All-eras.  They have some of the best action shots, lighting, surprise moments, fx music, and plenty of rubberized actors. 

Plus, they were physically demanding in just about every way conceivable: Pre-reliable camera housings, Pre-underwater lights. Very hot suits!  We owe them a viewing after all the sweat and ruined equipment. 

There’s always something striking about a single light in the vast deepwater darkness, or an off-scale jello tentacle at the port window leaking ink in a borrowed Marineland tank. 

I tried to re-think some of the backgrounds for this on the track Drysuit, which you can check out over on the Big Ear Signal widget at the righthand sidebar (right beneath Most Popular Posts).  This was supposed to play on a vehicle toy that didn’t quite roll across the finish line in crazy ’08.

This is all 70’s forward synthesizers, so it isn’t quite fair to stuff made earlier, which really tended to just use a Theramin and/or a big plate reverb anyways, but it’s still really fun to think about and work with.

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