The Snail of Zhongzhou

February 25, 11

“There was a snail in Zhongzhou which thought all its life it had accomplished nothing and, after cursing itself roundly, made up its mind to have a big go at it.

Now, if it were to go to Mount Tai, it would have to spend more than three thousand years on the road, it thought; on the other hand, if it were to turn South and go to Jian Han, it would also take more than three thousand years to arrive there. It reckoned its own lifespan would afford neither journey, as it believed it would die soon.

Having reached that conclusion, it was overcome with grief and indignation, lamenting its misfortune for not being in a position to realize its ambition.

Eventually, it died on a heap of wormwood, and even the mole crickets and ants laughed at it.”

–Early Chinese Fable

Don’t be like the snail of Zhongzhou, find a way to play today and start robbing  the mole crickets and ants of their laughter.

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