Warlords of Atlantis : The Searchers

January 06, 11

As you can probably tell by now, I love space and sea posters from the 60’s and 70’s (thanks Master Kreng! – he’s a genius at spending my money by remote control). I hope you’ll enjoy remembering them too.

He sends me every tempting craigslist find he possibly can.  It’s out of control. 

The sea/space posters always seem to conjure up the idea of The Searcher.

As a kid, the model “searcher” for me was Jacques Cousteau. He was my idol.

He created scuba.
He made underwater photography possible.
He filmed what most had never seen before in their own terrestrial experience.
He opened millions of eyes to our dependence on the health of the ocean.

I even got a red knit hoodie cap to wear (like he did after every dive).  I had homework, bad tonsils, leaves to rake, baseball practice, and a dog to try and walk. 

In sixth grade, I wanted to be a marine biologist and follow Cousteau off the edge of the Earth. Then everyone told me (early) that I’d never find work as a marine biologist. I didn’t really understand this, because Cousteau seemed to have a great thing going. Surely, the Calypso (his ship) needed another deckhand (me). Thereafter, I gave up on the dream of marine biology. 

In college, I majored in Philosophy and was again told that I’d never find work. By that time, I wasn’t even looking for work. Work, I figured, would be there regardless of any effort on my part to locate it.   

And now? 

Now, I just try and keep my eyes on the searchers where I find them.

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