Zaat (1975)

December 21, 10

They didn’t rely on air-brushed marquee actors, because they didn’t have any.

It was pure illustration.

“A creature like you’ve never seen before…”  Well?

And we can quickly learn that:

Monster walking catfish hybrids sometimes attack the feet.
Trouble may be measured using chemistry beakers.
A defensive stance with a rifle might repel the wayward catfish.
ATV designs were always dynamic.
Syringes figure all too frequently in 1970’s posters.
Attacking scuba divers is timeless and iconic.

Just for reference, here’s the trailer below.

I love the synth/step sequencer and sound design in the background near the end, and Zaat’s attempt to poison the world using only a spray bottle underwater.

Does anyone know why they positively wouldn’t admit anyone during the last 15 minutes, and why this strange fact was mentioned in the trailer?

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