Science Fictions : Mission Mars

November 08, 10

The strong caulking gun influence.  The hypodermic barrel.  Soldiers of the ice, chained together alone on the distant surface.

Who can relate?

Mankind held prisoner by the force of his desire to explore.   Martian rays arrest one of them already, his belt clip carabiner of no use now. He has been had.  

Our hero boldly faces the unknown – visor down. Why? 

There is the promise of the bikini.

The insert shot sits to remind us like a polaroid tacked to  memory’s own corkboard.   Remember the sand speckled bikinis. The simple joy of the beach dance. 

The background tendrils spiral like a giant colorform plant.  

It’s nothing short of fantastic.  It’s A Fantastic Adventure into the Unknown!

We must find a way to conquer and endure.  The bikini frolic is our destiny.

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