Science Fictions : Magnetic Monsters

November 11, 10

We all work to become Magnetic Monsters. We want to attract ideas, people, projects and kindred spirits.


We can do much as individuals, and it’s entirely on us to develop and pursue all that we think worthwhile while we have the power to do it.

The worthwhile part is always a personal definition.

Sometimes we let the magnetism draw in everything attractable around us with little filtering. This disables the tractor beam of our Magnetic Monster. It distracts us from seeing more clearly what we’re really about and what we’re really going after. 

We are very proficient at self-deception. Plato says so if you want to believe him. 

So maybe the optimal magnetic monster has a good set of filters. They attempt to filter out greed, hastiness, short term thinking, doing too much or too little, and attempting everything all at once. 

I’d rather try to be a Magnetic Monster than a vacuum cleaner.

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