Blips and Bleeps

November 09, 10

Today, I’m thankful to have started messing around with electronic kits in the silence of my parent’s garage. 

Most of the stuff I tried melted and/or smoked.

Lots of stuff in life melts or smokes. 

In trying to build blips and bleeps or make lights flash on a Radio Shack kit, I learned something more than how to build a blip or make a bleep.

I’m glad that my Dad was too lazy to hand address Christmas cards, so he bought a kit computer to run a teletype machine to do it for him.   Through my Dad’s self described laziness, I eventually found games, music, and philosophy.

And, really, if you have games, music, and philosophy what more do you need? Games are play with rules.  Music is play with tone.  Philosophy is play with concepts.

Diogenes sitting in his tub. J.L. Gerome (1860)

If Diogenes could live in a wine barrel observing the carnival around Sinope, I could do my own modest version in the burbs.  

Philosophy had the right personalities tackling the right problems. 

They seemed to know something about what was at stake.  They knew how to play it.

I didn’t. 

Only those who take leisurely what the people of the world are busy about can be busy about what the people of the world take leisurely.  — Chang Ch’ao

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