Star Wars Spiele : The Sounds of Star Wars

October 19, 10

This new book is unlinke any other I’ve seen, and an essential part of anyone’s Star Wars spiele library.

A book on sound can be an interesting experience.  I actually love books on sound, but many are a hard go. 

Often times it’s plenty of adjectives and plenty of theory, but not so much on application.

I remember a story about a studio engineer working with Carlos Santana.  When Santana was asked what the basic tone of the guitar might sound like he simply said: “like a sunflower opening up to the sun.” 

Yep.  I’ll dial that right up on the old Revox 2000.  The “sunflower sun” patch in bank B.  My point is that if you find a great book on sound in application, please let me know about it! 

The Sounds of Star Wars  gives tons of sound creation details, and then lets you audition the sounds with a built in sound player that encapsulates the book itself.  Very few books give you much construction insight, but this one gives you everything. 

The book includes numbers to play the sound described, you simply dial it up, and hear the sound reference! 

There’s plenty to think about here in creating your own sounds, meshing them together, layering them up and connecting  them with objects in a scene to use in new and interesting ways.

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