Star Wars Spiele : IG – 2000

October 12, 10

The Star Wars spiele – What’s the game, match, or play behind this Star Wars object?

It’s always interesting to look at the construction of vehicles that become toys, props, and fit into the logic of a world we like spending time in and around. 

Over time, I’ve become convinced that’s it’s really important to enjoy these and to try and understand their physical and component design influence.  The best place to look is in the world. 

Let’s take a look at that nutty relentless bounty hunter IG-88’s fighter called the IG – 2000 pictured above.

The front of the ship reminds me of an insect mandible.  The IG-2000 features magnetic locking pads that close the jaw of the ship’s front for streamlined flight. 

The Sensor Array projects a beam outward over the cockpit area toward the mandible.  The manuevering thrusters pointing backwards are basically insectoid forward/backward like the beetle.

The main drive engine output is the beetle rectum.  Laser cannons are built into the edges of the final mandible pieces.

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