Star Wars Robots : 4-LOM

October 05, 10

More in the lives of Star Wars robots … and why not?  I knew 4-LOM was sent by Vader to capture the Falcon, but I didn’t know that he used to work on the galactic Love Boat. 

Apparently, he was previously a cabin steward who used to rifle through grandma and grandpa’s jewels while they danced away on the Lido deck sponsored by Geritolux. 

4-LOM’s  programming glitch eventually got out of control,  and Jabba the Hutt caught word about this legendary earring thief and necklace snagger.   Hutty boy snapped a combat chip on 4-LOM (into his iceberg lettuce ball head?) and gave his programming permission to “harm sentients.”

He paired him up with Zuckuss, they joined the rebellion for a minute, then he ran into Boba Fett and was dismembered. 

A cautionary tale of teenage cruise ship petty theft leading to ultimate dismemberment. 

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