Science Fictions : Schell Studios

October 29, 10

I’ve been a fan of Jordu Schell for well over a decade.  For that same amount of time, I’ve been trying to take a class from him. 

Now, I’m not fit to hold the clay he throws away.  My “skills” reside fully at the Play-Doh/Gumby level, but this is exactly why you try and push yourself leagues out of your comfort zone. 

You learn plenty by trying to place yourself around spectacular people.  Of course, I fail to live up, and that’s just fine.  I’ve found that as you get older, you get more willing to risk this routinely.  As the innings get deep, you reach a little extra for a base hit. 

I’ve been lucky enough to work with ridiculously talented artists for many years.  It’s staggering.   I’m always trying to learn from their approach.  For me, it’s relaxing and fun just to be around them.  I admire the discipline and the constant striving to find new ways to improve. 

Prepare to be dazzled …   

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