Clone Star Wars : Using the Plan

October 23, 10

The clone Star Wars episode Destroy Malevolence begins with the quote:

“A plan is only as good as those who see it through.”

This is true when attacking a Separatist ship or setting out a personal plan of action.  Your private plan is only as good as you are.  A team’s plan is dependent on its members own plans.  If ego leads, the team often fails.

Early on, it’s tempting to think that sharp planning will counter any obstacle.  It won’t.  It will help to counter many, but it won’t counter all.  A plan tacked to the wall with dazzling graphics is only an abstraction, at its best a form of guidance — at its worst a prison sentence. 

To paraphrase Bon Jovi (yes, Bon Jovi): “Plan. Do it in pencil.”   You can run a plan, but hidden variables will conspire against you. Life happens while you’re planning, and all of that what what!

The plan isn’t the end.  We all get fixated on ends and forget about the means (us!).  You can plan to be a marine biologist, a left fielder, or a paleontologist — and you may, in fact, become one.  We fixate on the ends.  If we can’t become a marine biologist, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. 

The logic of what to do if our planned end as conceived isn’t actualized, sometimes freezes us.  I think this is a good reason to stay open to all of the magnetic gravitations of interest within us.  

After all, we aren’t only supposed to be the end to a plan.  At least not in the self-imposed sense.  We are much more.  Childhood tells us this when it starts to set up our gravity compass.  We forget.  You can love dinosaur bones, robot explosions, blue sharks and baseball simultaneously.  Your end as a marine biologist only is self imposed.

These magnetic interests are within us for a reason and a challenge.  Will we rise towards meeting them?  Can we actualize them without self-absorption?  We are as good as the way we use our plans and the value we assign to them.  And also as bad.

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