A*P*E (1976)

October 28, 10

The A*P*E grips a shark AND a rattlesnake while scenes of shipbound, city, and helicopter related disasters lurk right alongside. 

Nothing really indicates peril as quickly as a rope ladder towed by a helicopter. 

The city pulses with fear.  The oceans weep.

It’s King Kong meets The Towering Inferno on the way to The Poseidon Adventure.

A*P*E features an ape hair treatment on the logo painted by hand long before the click of a photoshop filter.

What I really love is the included feature summary spelled right out for those fearless enough to See A*P*E: 1) defy the JAWS of Giant Shark, 2) destroy a teeming city, 3) demolish an Ocean Liner, 4) vanquish Monster Reptile (non-specific)

JAWS!  Like that other REALLY big movie of a similar (wait) same name that we would like to compare ourselves favorably to and conveniently remind you about after you saw it last year! (1975).  You will see A*P*E  “vanquish” a Monster Reptile, which apparently will be drawn into the poster as a rattlesnake.

We are reminded that A*P*E is not to be confused with King Kong

I don’t think we’ll make that mistake.

Amidst the mayhem, a beautiful woman lingers against A*P*E*‘s left ear.

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