Star Wars Robots : Wuntoo Forcee Forwun

September 30, 10

What is unique or interesting in the lives of Star Wars robots?  Plenty.  Some of the backstories are pretty entertaining, and of course the pop reference is pretty wide for a few of them.  Let’s take a look at Wuntoo Forcee Forwun.  I’m hungry.


Here’s Forwun’s description from the Star Wars robots section at

A SoroSuub traffic controller droid, second class, assigned to Cloud City on Bespin during the Galactic Civil War. Forwun was present on Cloud City when EV-9D9 committed a droid massacre. Years later, he tracked down EV-9D9 to Jabba’s palace.

Deep beneath the palace, in 9D9’s hidden laboratory of sorts, Wuntoo confronted the maniacal droid. He crippled EV-9D9 with a blaster pistol. But rather than let her relish her pain, he deactivated her prized pain button — a device that transmitted the electronic sensations of agony to the sadistic droid.

Leaving her dying, Forwun released the victims of EV-9D9’s experiments, who crawled to her and dismantled her.

So, let’s understand.  Forwun is a frustrated traffic cop that’s had enough of the ole stop and go. 

He blasts a sadist (Star Wars has these?) that looks like a KitchenAid, and then rather than let “her” enjoy the pain of the lazer boo boo, frees her prisoners to take her apart like a Ford at the scrapyard. 

The electronic sensations of agony sounds like a Dali painting, and I didn’t even know EV-9D9 had a prized pain button. Where?

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